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Announcement For Submitting Proposals on Organizing the Production of Organic/Organo-Mineral/Biological Fertilizer


By way of substituting the imported fertilizer with higher quality organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer of local production, proposals on organizing production of organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer are envisaged to collect.  2. Any legal or physical person may submit a proposal (hereinafter referred to as Proposal) on organizing production of organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer.  3. The proposal shall contain information at least […]


Profitable and effective animal breeding . The strategy of the sector’s development was discussed at the Ministry of Agriculture


On July 22, Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, RA Minister of Agriculture held a consultation with the purpose of discussing the breeding strategy in Armenia developed by the RA Ministry of Agriculture and the working groups of professors of National Agrarian University. Mr. Ashot Harutyunyan and Mr. Robert Makaryan, Deputy Ministers of Agriculture and Mr. Tony Berkon, […]


Development Directions Of Potato Farming Are Discussed In The Ministry Of Agriculture


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, Minister of Agriculture of RA today has a working consultation with the participation of potato farmers unions, social organizations, major producers and imports acting in the Republic of Armenia to discuss currents issues and development prospects potato farming branch in our country.    “Potato farming is one of the most recent areas […]


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, Minister Of Agriculture Of Ra Received The Representatives Of Armenian Lawyers Association

Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, Minister of Agriculture of RA today received the delegation Armenian Lawyers Association, which was headed by Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of the Association. The aim of the meeting is to identify the priority problems of the agricultural field and to discuss possible ways of cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture within the […]


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan: “As a result of state support program, money was saved, which will be used for agricultural subsidies”


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan’s, Minister of Agriculture of RA, press conference was held during which state support programs implemented in 2017 and current problems were introduced.   Minister noted that as a result of tenders in the frame of state support programs it was possible to save money which will be directed to a new program: […]